Precarryus is a collaboration between Tale Dolven and Igor Shyshko. The project started as a research supported by the Flemish ministry of culture and was developed into a performance during fall 2019. The project has two starting ideas: investigating the movement capacities of patients with the Guillain-Barré syndrome, and incorporating the poetry of Russian absurdist writer Daniil Kharms. The piece is produced by kunst/werk, Antwerp and is supported by the Norwegian Cultural Council, STUK, Leuven and RAS Sandnes.


Concept Tale Dolven and Igor Shyshko

Performed by Tale Dolven and Igor Shyshyko

Music Stine Janvin and Stian Westerhus

Sound Design Gabel Eiben

Light Design Caroline Mathieu

Costume Design Heide Vanderieck

Scenography Katleen Vinck

Dramaturgy Sara Jansen

Artistic advice Marc Vanrunxt

Production Kunst/Werk

Support Norwegian Cultural Council

Residencies STUK, Workspace Brussels, Tou Scene, Rosas