Gabel Depending on the duration of the workshop there are many subjects I can cover, but the focus is always on enhancing the abilities of the performers’ presence and moment to moment decision making. In a multi-week workshop, I create a piece on the performers using material gathered and recorded with the participants. We take conversations and play them back though an ear piece so the performer is listening and speaking at the same time. Then more tasks are layered on to the point that they are no longer self-editing and a heightened performance can come through. These tasks can be in many forms. Other participants can be prompting the performer to add gesture moving them to create staging. Gesture sets can be added to change the performers habitual hand gesture and body language. Adding tasks is also a way for the performer to realize their habits and make better decisions with that knowledge. It is a way to always keep track of the reality of the situation you are in on stage and to make the best possible decisions in the moment.