Tale teaches a contemporary dance class based on the personal training she herself exercises. Strengthening and flexibility-work is part of the warm-up, and coordination and multiple directions in the body and in the room are key-words for the dance material. The aim is to wake up the body and the mind. Tale also teaches Rosas repertory workshops of the pieces Drumming, Fase, Rosas Danst Rosas and Zeitung. Each workshop takes as a starting point the material of the piece itself. This includes both learning dance phrases from the piece, as well as exploring the choreographic tools specific for each performance. For Drumming and Fase this would be practicing phasing in and out of sync, finding the movements in retrograde, practicing different directions in space and mirroring the movements. For Rosas Danst Rosas, practising the movement material with the group is the main challenge; learning to listen to the other participants and moving in perfect unison. Multitasking body and mind coordination is practiced by applying the complex structural composition of the piece. In Zeitung most of the movement material was developed by improvisational tasks. The precision of each task gives the participants of the workshop the key to develop their own version of the material. The workshops can be one day or several weeks.